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Augmented reality technology and its importance

What are the Emerging Applications of Augmented Reality?

Dec 17, 2021

Augmented reality has overcome some major visualization and interaction challenges within the last few years. It has matured into a technology with various applications in multiple domains, including retail, education, advertising, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. The rapid uptake of AR in industrial applications has resulted in the massive adoption of this immersive technology. Now, let’s look into some of the emerging applications of augmented reality in various domains.

Applications of Augmented Reality

In Education

Smart classes are common nowadays. Especially since the pandemic, almost all educational institutions have embraced augmented reality to make online classes fun and interesting. Using AR removes the usual boredom in online classes, and the students can be active learners by interacting and engaging with the lesson characters. This helps children to understand and retain the knowledge they acquire.

In Shopping

One of the significant features of augmented reality is product visualization. By using AR, customers can visualize themselves in the product. Virtual try-on is becoming very common and has enabled customers to try before buying at the comfort of their homes. Many brands now adopt this due to the social distancing policies associated with the pandemic.

The applications of AR don’t stop at clothing. A great example of this is the IKEA Place app. The app allows users to place the furniture in their space and decide whether or not to buy it.

Nowadays, stores use AR to delight customers with their new offers and discounts on any item. The customer just needs to scan the product or the QR code associated with the product.

In Indoor Navigation

AR technology is now used in many stores, airports, shopping malls to guide customers in the right direction. AR paths and arrows in users' physical space enable them to go places without any confusion.

In Design and Modelling

Augmented reality has many applications in this sector, from interior design to architecture and construction. AR allows designers, architects, and engineers to view how their plans might look in real. It also allows customers to view how their apartment or office space might look after construction, remodeling, or interior design. This saves designers a lot of time needed for frequent updates from clients.

In Healthcare

AR has quite a lot of applications in the healthcare sector, and it is helpful, especially during COVID-19. From assisting to perform complex surgeries to operating hospital equipment and training medical students, AR has the potential to minimize risks in healthcare.

In Sports

Augmented reality in the sports category finds its applications in training, broadcasting, and marketing. AR enables sports broadcast engaging for home viewers with 3D graphics and other interactive content. By overlaying data over real-world or videos, players can clearly understand their playing style and their opponents’ strategies and style and improve their game. AR also helps in the training of players with minimal injuries.

In Manufacturing

Augmented reality helps streamline complex manufacturing processes, improve productivity, safety and drive revenue. AR also helps to virtually support the frontline workers and provide them with required data and insights to keep them productive.


Augmented reality is constantly improving and has other exciting applications than mentioned above. As we know, there is no future without AR. The sooner we adopt and completely embrace this amazing technology, the sooner we can reap its benefits.

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