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How AR Solutions from iBoson Drives Global Remote Collaboration

How AR Solutions from iBoson Drives Global Remote Collaboration

June 6, 2022

With the world reeling from COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been accustomed to new technologies and the new normal. New and innovative ways of video conferencing and doing the job remotely and more efficiently are the way work is now done even post-pandemic.

Although many solutions powered by immersive technologies have emerged, these solutions struggle often with poor training and lack of immersion and interaction. The industry-tailored solutions from iBoson, on the other hand, have accelerated during the pandemic and have contributed to overcoming many challenges and driving growth and revenue.

How AR Solution from iBoson Transforms Remote Collaboration

Let’s check out how the enterprise-grade AR solution from iBoson transforms remote collaboration.

• Operational Precision

XRmeet, the AR-powered remote assistance and collaboration solution from iBoson enable the workers to perform their tasks hands-free with AR wearables. The workers can access information digitally anytime they need support to perform their tasks without any errors and redoing.

• Empowering your Workforce and Driving Efficiency

The AR-based remote support solution empowers the technicians as well as remote experts to perform their duties without fail. With the required instructions being shown in front of them whenever they face a problem with a critical task, it empowers the workforce to perform self-service. This efficient transfer of knowledge enables them to do their duties with utmost quality and efficiency.

• Designing and Presenting in AR

To convey a complex product’s working or in the designing process of a complex product, an immersive illustration helps to get a deep understanding. When AR is brought into the picture, it enables to showcase, design, and experiment with the 3D models of the products which in turn makes the decision-making stage quicker, eliminates production errors, and drives engagement.

• Efficient Collaboration

When the technicians or field workers need an expert’s overview for a particular task, the AR solution enables them to connect with the remote expert using video calls and get guided through the tasks using annotations, markings, and drawings on the live video call. This ensures quality assurance in each step of the workflow.

How can you know if XRmeet is the right platform for your business?

Are you having doubts if our AR remote assistance is the right choice for your business? Let’s schedule a meeting and discuss your requirements and check how our solution can aid in the growth of your business. Please send us a mail to to or visit