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Augmented reality to solve aging workforce crisis

How to Solve Aging Workforce Problem with Digital Transformation

September 22, 2022

Nearly 25% of the workforce in the industrial sector is above age 55. With this, most organizations are losing some of the most productive and skilled employees. Maintaining and retaining a quality workforce has always been a struggle for organizations in every sector. And now with the recession and economic crisis going on, many older workers are forced to leave their job as well. But how can organizations cope with such loss?

After lots of discussions with tech and industry leaders, many enterprises have now chosen digital transformation tools to deal with the negative impact of the retirement of the aging workforce. Solving the aging workforce crisis is not a small task but we can try to reduce the impact it leaves on the organization by embracing advanced technologies like augmented reality and adopting digital transformation.

Solving Aging Workforce Problem with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an immersive technology that enhances the physical world by overlaying 3D images or videos on physical objects for providing an augmented experience. AR is now widely used to improve collaboration, solve critical challenges, streamline work operations, and provide immersive support to the workforce.

Knowledge Transfer/Sharing

One of the main challenges that are faced by organizations with the retirement of an aging workforce is that their skills and knowledge don’t get passed to the younger workforce. As a result, companies face huge skills gaps that can directly affect their outcome and revenue. So, how can AR help in knowledge transfer?

Pairing AR into the daily work routine opens a new door of opportunity for technicians approaching retirement. They can be able to provide virtual augmented reality based assistance to technicians and therefore pass their knowledge, and insights remotely.

Secondly, AR-based solutions can be used to onboard new technicians and familiarize them with the working environment really quickly. AR-based training can also help to grab the skills required and retain them for longer periods.

Empower Workforce

XRmeet AR visual assistance removes complications and obstacles in the daily work routine of technicians. XRmeet empowers the workforce by providing them with the resources and information required right in front of them with just a scan and thus enabling them to perform self-service at any given time. The data after each issue fixing can be stored for future reference and can be used by other technicians.

Harness the Power of XRmeet Augmented Reality Platform

Using augmented reality is a technique used by companies to address the issue of retiring workforce as well as to improve the skills and productivity and reduce complex issues. At iBoson, we provide augmented reality solutions to bridge the skills gap between the retiring workforce as well as the young workforce. Send us a mail to today and start your digital transformation journey today!