iBoson Innovations offers wide and futuristic solutions in the extended reality industry.

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Iboson innovations, the best augmented reality company in India
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iBoson is a top augmented reality company in India that believes in investing in the future. cutting-edge technologies are something that evolves and disrupts. We focus on augmented reality and proprietary computer vision technology.

Based in Kerala, iBoson is an emerging augmented reality startup that has earned accolades from all over the globe and we hope to be the future of AR and to make innovative and effective augmented reality solutions accessible to everyone and for clients across various industries to achieve business goals and to address work challenges

Our Achievements

Featured as "The Top 25 Promising Startups in Dublin Tech Summit" – Irish daily

“We’ve got selected among the 3000 startups in Smart50 contest by Calcutta IIM and government of India

“We got incubated by The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) Mobile10X

“We are officially a part of
Global Entrepreneur Programme, UK Government"

“We got selected for
Singularity University Incubation, NASA Centre"

“We got selected for
Ycombinator, Y-School Advisory Track Programme"

Our Products

Unite AR, a no code AR app creator

Zero Code AR App Creator

The fire that drives our AR company is our augmented reality product, UniteAR, a zero-code AR app and content creation platform that allows you to build AR apps and experiences in just a click. With our image-based AR, ground plane AR, and webAR scanner you can create stunning AR experiences.

Man working with XRmeet AR remote assistance software

AR Remote Assistance & Collaboration Platform

An AR remote assistance and objection detection software that has innovative features for self-service in installation, maintenance, and remote assistance and collaboration finding its importance mainly in automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and telecom sectors.

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With tailor made Augmented Reality solutions, we can address your critical needs and help outpace your competition. iBoson combines the development expertise with state of the art technologies to offer solutions that revolutionize the world of AR.