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UniteAR is an augmented reality SaaS platform that enables customers to create AR content, white-labeled AR Apps, and WebAR plugins.
100% zero coding
Instant AR App creation in just one click
Easy to create WebAR plugins with no coding
No commercial licensing required
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UniteAR provides comprehensive AR tools to help our customers to meet their business goals in a much faster and cost-effective way.
Augmented Reality With Image Detection
UniteAR’s image detection and tracking is ideal for augmenting product packages, user manuals, catalogs, gaming cards, books, magazines and many more.
Webar With Image Tracking
UniteAR’s WebAR feature allows you to experience augmented reality without using an AR App. You can create an instant WebAR viewer or WebAR plugin to detect and track your product packages.
Webar With Surface Tracking
UniteAR’s surface tracking enables you to build an instant AR experience with your 3D model or video. You can quickly share the same with just a web link or a QR code. No AR App is required.
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With tailor made Augmented Reality solutions, we can address your critical needs and help outpace your competition. iBoson combines the development expertise with state of the art technologies to offer solutions that revolutionize the world of AR.
Our Product
XRmeet is an enterprise AR SaaS platform which provides self-service installation, maintenance, and remote assistance using AR
Helps in reducing field visits, and travels, making it cost efficient
Fact pointed visual solutions increase accuracy and error free support
Minimize unplanned downtime and costs by delivering critical information when needed
Empower customers to resolve issues by themselves
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XRmeet serves as a one stop innovative solution for enterprise AR remote assistance to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and to assure better customer satisfaction
AR Remote Assistance
Remote assistance with AR functionality will remove all the barriers in distant communication.
AR Object Detection
The AR 3D object detection software is a web, app & wearable supporting solution that enhances customer support across the globe
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