UniteAR is a SaaS platform to create white-labeled AR Apps, AR experience, and WebAR plugins in no code powered by our proprietary AR engine.

UniteAR makes custom AR App Creation a seamless task with no coding and also democratizes augmented reality. UniteAR finds its most important in marketing and advertising, art as well as in the education sector. To learn how UniteAR can help you build your own highly interactive AR Apps and AR experiences, check out the UniteAR website.

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People using UniteAR to create AR experience
AR Remote assistance and objection detection


XRmeet, the first of its kind no-code platform enables immersive digital assistance with Augmented Reality. An enterprise SaaS platform for AR-enabled remote assistance and object detection for providing self-service in installation and maintenance and other technical issues resolution.

XRmeet is powered by a proprietary AR Engine and is scalable and compatible with smartphones to wearables. XRmeet offers an enterprise remote assistance solution which is a one-stop solution for the reduction in operational costs, increased productivity, and assurement of better customer satisfaction. XRMeet empowers businesses in the automotive, telecom, utilities, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. If your business falls in any of these categories or if you want to attract customers or enhance brand value, check out our product XRmeet.

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QuasEye is an advanced proprietary computer vision technology that is powering our AR platforms. It is capable of process, and automate high-dimensional features and extract data from real-world objects.

Quas eye, an advanced computer vision technology