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5 reasons why companies should start using augmented reality

How AR Ads will Reshape the Future of Advertising

June 10, 2022

The advertising sector has transformed in the last few years, especially since the pandemic. Along with the new normal, the values, interests, and buying habits of the audience have also changed drastically. If you are a marketing person you would have already noticed the shift in the way of advertising. The advertising sector has now started adopting new technologies to help brands achieve more.

Most brands now invest heavily in immersive technologies like augmented reality to create new and engaging content for their audience. The most successful campaigns and advertisements are now built on such immersive technologies. The print, banner, and the usual kind of ads have lost a foothold in this market. Only by bringing something creative to the usual ads can you capture the attention of the audience now. So, let’s see how AR ads will reshape the future of advertising.

The Main Types of Augmented Reality Advertisements

1. AR e-Commerce

AR enables the customer to experience the product in an immersive way. This makes product demonstration unique and makes the decision-making stage easier.

2. AR Events and Conferences

By using AR in events and conferences, catching the attention of the audience will be an easy task. And we help people create their own AR experiences without writing a single line of code. Check out our blog where we have covered how AR helps in making events and conferences engaging and immersive.

3. AR Product Packaging

By enabling AR into the product packaging, the brand can reach its customers post-purchase and showcase them similar or complementary products. They can also use the opportunity to showcase the history of their brand or the message they need to convey to their audience.


The AR-based Out-Of-Home advertisements make the billboards, and posters immersive, engaging, and creates curiosity among the people, and help the brand send their message clearly to the audience with just a simple scan of the QR code.

The Benefits of Bringing AR into Ads

1. Boost Engagement & Sales

2. Higher Conversion Rates

3. Higher Conversion Rates

4. Build Emotional Connection with Audience

5. Creating Memorable Experience for Customers

Leaping into the Future

It is always necessary to understand the trends that can be the future and those that won’t last long. And in the case of augmented reality technology, all the giants in the tech as well as the advertisement sector has already heavily invested in it and is already reaping the benefits from the technology. To reach the millennials, and generation Z, the old channels won’t do quite enough. As the marketing world shifts, staying relevant is important. Email us at if you are planning to embrace augmented reality into your advertising strategies.