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Visual remote assistance for enterprises

Visual Remote Assistance to Connect & Collaborate - Anytime, Anywhere

December 10, 2021

XRmeet Visual Assistance Solution

XRmeet’s remote assistance platform is designed to enable collaboration between the company’s experts and field technicians or customers irrespective of the location they are in. XRmeet makes it possible by sharing the physical location and enabling experts to see what the technicians see and get guided virtually with the help of 3D annotations, markings, and drawings. The visual assistance solution improves real-time communication, and helps to resolve complex tasks easily, and is widely adopted by companies in the industrial sector for inspection, maintenance, repair, and training purposes.

The XRmeet Features

1. Connect Quickly

Connect quickly with company experts over an invitation via email.

2. 3D AR Annotation

Hand drawings and markings will help to give proper and point-out instructions.

3. Annotations Lock

The annotations drawn on an object in the live video stream get locked on that object even if the video is shifted to avoid confusion.

4. Freeze Screen

Pause the screen in between the live video stream and take screenshots if required.

5. Device Compatibility

XRmeet is compatible with multiple devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and AR wearables.

6. VoIP and Text Chat

Chat amidst the live video stream if required to get clarity on the topic.

XRmeet Visual Assistance Helps you to

1. Improve Productivity and Efficiency

2. Quickly Assist

3. Improve First Time Fix Rates (FTTR)

4. Reduce Travel Costs

5. Reduce Machine Downtime

6. Find Issues Earlier and Take Measures

7. Increase Customer Satisfaction

8. Get Assistance without Location Boundaries

XRmeet Visual Assistance

XRmeet is transforming the way to collaborate and provide remote assistance and taking it to the next level. Over a click, experts can connect with customers or field technicians to provide interactive side-by-side guidance from anywhere and whenever required. Schedule a call with us by mailing us at to discuss how our visual assistance platform can transform your organization.