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Create your own AR experience with UniteAR

How Can You Provide Exciting Experience to Your Customers with UniteAR?

July 27, 2022

Doing some gimmicks can catch the attention of the audience but the real question is, do these gimmicks stay in their minds? Does it build an emotional connection with your brand? If your answer is no, then continue reading this blog.

We’ve seen brands trying out a lot of marketing strategies to stand out among their competition and to catch the attention of their customers. The latter some manage to do, but the problem that most of them face is to make the customers stay connected to their brand or to retain the attention they got once. So, what is the solution for this? The answer is to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) into your marketing strategies.

Most companies avoid or at least postpone this adoption thinking of the heavy charges companies put on them. What if there is a way to create augmented reality experiences of your choice on your own without the need for coding or any other technical skills? This is what UniteAR does for you. UniteAR is an augmented reality platform that lets you create AR experiences and deliver them through web, app, or custom build apps. Let’s see this in detail.

Image-Based AR Experience

The image-based augmented reality is creating custom AR experiences on top of your image. And the experience can be viewed by just a scan. Creating an image-based experience is simple with UniteAR. You just need to upload your 3D model and then upload your 360-degree content or you can choose from the content library in UniteAR.

Ground Plane AR Experience

Bringing augmented reality experiences into the ground plane or any surface can be done with a few steps with UniteAR. Just upload your 3D models or choose from UniteAR’s content library and just save the experience. UniteAR then generates a QR code or web link through which this AR experience can be viewed.

Web AR Scanner

Creating custom AR plugins for websites can catch the attention of your visitors. And now integrating image-based AR plugins to the website is possible without even an app with UniteAR. Check the web AR scanner from UniteAR for more details.

AR App Creator

Building AR apps for your choice requires coding skills or you need to approach an app development company to build one. This can be expensive and might take a couple of months as well. With UniteAR, you can create an augmented reality app without writing a single line of code. To know more in detail, visit

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to create your own AR experiences? Then visit or just fill out this form. Our experts will contact you and guide you through the entire experience.