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Bring augmented reality into your business

Dare to be Different: Utilize AR in your Business

October 26, 2022

The main aim of all businesses right now is to stand out among their competitors and to catch the target audience’s attention and that too in an innovative way. Many brands now try to convey a social message that aligns with their business vertical through advertisements. Apart from taking the social message approach, brands also try out immersive and engaging advertisements. An example of this is the latest advertisement launched by Britannia Bourbon. The ad targets the passion of the youth, which is football, and gives a chance to win prizes. The advertisement conveys the message of bringing friends at different places together through an innovative AR experience. The Ad starred Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer.

Utilize Augmented Reality and Dare to be Different

Most brands still opt for normal static ads as trying out new marketing ways can be challenging or is often viewed as a risk. But as a marketer, I would say that you should take that big step and hop into the usage of immersive technologies for your business practices, be it marketing or to streamline operations and collaboration.

Augmented reality ads have an upper hand over the normal static ads we normally see around. One of the main things is that they integrate into the user’s environment in an engaging way. This enables the advertiser to retain the attention span of the audience for a longer time and educate them about their product or service in an immersive way.

4 Ways in Which Augmented Reality is Used in Advertising

1. Product Visualization

Visualization of products in real-time via augmented reality allows the consumer to see and test how the product functions and can even understand the value it brings. This helps the customers to make informed purchase decisions and increase sales. Chances of customers second guessing their buying decisions and the rate of returning the products can be reduced drastically.

2. Interactive Billboards

AR integrated billboards can sense if someone is walking past it and can trigger a digital experience. The experience can range anything from fun games, virtual tours to catchy social messages that align with their marketing perspective. This leaves a long-lasting impression in people’s mind.

3. Event Marketing

Using augmented reality for event marketing purposes is an innovative way of creating buzz around the product. It also enables the participants to better present their part during the event with immersive statistical data and explanations backing them up. AR can also be leveraged to enable people to attend the event remotely.

4. Augmented Reality Apps Integration

The pandemic has left many people the difficulty of interacting with brands via offline methods. By integrating AR, you can list the products online as well as put their reviews online. This enables them to try out and even interact with the brand for long time. A perfect example for this is Lenskart’s app that provides virtual AR experiences to anyone trying out their eyeglasses.

Stay up to date on emerging tech and utilize the power of augmented reality creatively and innovatively in the marketing strategies. Contact us if you are in thinking of adopting AR into your business.