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Augmented reality is the forefront of industrial marketing

Can AR be the Forefront of Industrial Marketing?

July 15, 2022

We need not say again and again the growth of immersive technologies in recent years though here is some data backing our claim. Augmented reality and virtual reality markets are growing and are expected to surpass USD 1,247.2 billion by 2030.

As it is clear in the above data, more organizations and enterprises make use of these technologies for marketing purposes. In this blog, let us see how augmented reality can be at the forefront of industrial marketing and for that, we take a few industries where AR has brought significant changes.

How AR is the Forefront of Marketing in these Industries?

Tourism and Travel

The tourism and travel industry has gained momentum again in the last year since the pandemic. Now, travel companies in this industry are finding new methods to reach and attract people to the locations as they know the same has been difficult to do with the usual old ways since the pandemic.

With AR, these companies are now able to provide an immersive 360-degree virtual experience of the location and amenities to excite and attract their customers. They could even provide AR-based demonstrations of the local places and activities and transport people anywhere.

Manufacturing Industry

Nowadays, manufacturers use immersive technology like AR to make their products uniquely reach customers. Starting from heavy products to simple packaging materials, the companies in this sector find incorporating AR into their products makes the customers learn about the product journey and be more emotionally connected to the product as well as the brand.

Automotive Industry

Companies use augmented reality technology to enable their customers to visualize the automobiles in their environment and even custom change the colors according to their choice thereby building confidence in their purchase.

It is proven that AR is at the forefront of industrial marketing in the coming years. So, why not adopt it now? Augmented reality apps now let companies create their own custom experiences and if you haven’t downloaded our UniteAR app yet, download it here and enjoy the benefits it offers.