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Benefits of AR in Offshore and Maritime Industry

The Benefits of AR in Offshore and Marine Applications

November 28, 2022

The offshore and marine industry is a vital one and many professionals work round the clock amidst all challenges they face. Fortunately, now with technological advancements, employees are able to work in a safer environment. And the one technology that is revolutionizing this industry right now is Augmented Reality (AR). In this blog, we will discuss the benefits AR brings to the Offshore and Marine Industry.

Augmented reality in the offshore and maritime industry has already begun to revamp all its processes. From simplifying complex inspection and maintenance works to managing the supply chain effectively, AR has made things easier for the marine industry.

Challenges in the Offshore and Marine Industry

The work environments of offshore and marine companies are very harsh and challenging and these companies need to drive efficiency and improve productivity in order to be successful. In a competitive and risky environment with frequent weather changes that can hinder drilling operations, and even cause the failure of infrastructures.

In order to reduce the associated risk to an extent and to work in such critical environments, there is a need for technologies that can drive efficiency, improve safe installations and operations of machinery and infrastructures, and to get real-time access to data.

Benefits of AR in the Offshore and Marine Industry

Here are some of the benefits of leveraging augmented reality in the offshore and marine industries.

Improve Productivity and Drive Efficiency

Adopting augmented reality help improve productivity and efficiency by helping the workforce navigate through complex tasks and challenges. AR provides visual assistance, and operation instructions to safely handle the machinery and help them perform their tasks more effectively and can even enable them to learn new skills needed for the job.

Shorten Lead Time

Augmented reality helps to reduce the lead time of processes through the automation of all processes. With the automated processes, there will be less time spent on redundant tasks and more time can be allotted to streamline operations and better train the workforce.

Assistance in Complex Tasks

With AR overlays through smart devices, the workforce gets visual assistance and digital work instructions right in front of them. This enables them to perform challenging tasks and operate critical machinery without any safety risk.

Wrapping Up

In challenging work environments like the marine industries, there is always the need for augmented reality solutions. iBoson focuses on augmented reality solutions to help tackle the issues in the offshore and marine industry. Contact us today to discuss your AR need today!