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Bring an Immersive Experience to your Events with AR

Bring an Immersive Experience to your Events with AR

May 19, 2022

We have mentioned a lot of benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) in industrial sectors as well as other verticals in our previous blogs. Today, we are going to discuss how this technology can enhance your events.

How is Augmented Reality used in Events to Make it more Immersive?

Catching the attention of the audience is a huge task. Using augmented reality, you can create creative and eye-catching events that will stand out. By adding texts, videos, images, and 3D models to the real world, AR makes the world around us more immersive. And with AR creation platforms like UniteAR where anyone can create AR experiences without writing a line of code, more businesses are thinking to explore and leverage the benefits of augmented reality in their industry verticals. Let’s check how this immersive technology makes events more interesting and even drives traffic.

To Exhibit Products/Services

Augmented reality enables you to provide your users a chance to feel, see, and experience your product or services in a very immersive way. When the product involved is a large-scale product, it might not be always feasible to bring it to the events. But with AR, you can bring any product to your exhibition space and provide a 360-degree view of the product. Visitors can use smartphones, tablets or AR wearables to experience the content. You can also embed links to the product and thereby drive traffic to your website. In addition to this, chances are high that you will be mounted with inquiries about your product or service post such an immersive event.

To Bring Life to Boring Banners and Brochures

We all have seen many businesses placing banners and brochures across the events. But nowadays, these marketing strategies cannot create the result you expect. Today, the people visiting these events expect more than the usual marketing strategies. And one way to meet that expectation is by embedding AR into these banners, brochures, and other sales items. This can turn the boring static sale item into an engaging one. Using videos, images, texts, and even 3D life models embedded into these items, you can tell the story and stand out among others and be sure that your brand will stay in their minds even after the events.

To Create Meaningful Experiences and to Educate

Events are the best place where you can meet a variety of audiences as well as prospects. And it is all about creating meaningful and engaging experiences for the audience/visitors. Along with providing creative content to the audience/visitors, you can take this opportunity to educate them about your brand, the value and the mission you stand for, your products and services, and more. Bringing immersive can make the usual storytelling more interesting. This way, you interact with your audience as well as network.

Are you Interested?

Are you interested in leveraging augmented reality in your events? Then, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message at or fill out our contact form. Our specialists will contact you and guide you in your journey of implementing AR within 24 hours.