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Simplify buying experience with webAR

How does WebAR Simplify Buying Experience?

jul 15, 2021

The competition to capture customer attention is more than ever now. Brands spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising to stand out among the digital content that floods customer’s devices. But the reality is that many brands go unnoticed without driving any real impact. So, what can we do to grab customer’s attention and leave behind a memorable message? One answer to this is Augmented Reality (AR). When used effectively for the right use cases, augmented reality can be an incredible tool to grasp customer attention, stand out among competitors, and drive successful marketing campaigns.

Over the years, AR has become a crucial tool in marketing and is loved and used by many huge brands. Especially in today’s COVID landscape, when brands struggle to reach and communicate with customers, transforming digitally has become crucial in this new era, and augmented reality is an essential aspect of this digital transformation.

Augmented Reality in Marketing and Advertising

AR has skyrocketed over the last few years, and Statista forecasts AR market size to rise to more than 198 billion by 2025. This is one of the primary reasons why many tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook are pitching in their money into AR applications.

One of the significant applications of AR is in e-commerce. Many brands are exploring Web Augmented Reality to easily convert their current websites to something interesting for their customers. So, let’s check out what WebAR is in detail.

What is WebAR?

WebAR is a technology that allows users to experience augmented reality with their smartphones without downloading an app or using wearables. This is done by integrating WebAR plugins to the websites that enable them to experience AR by just visiting the page or is triggered by a QR code or a link that runs on the phone.

WebAR is a smart way to connect with your customers without the hassle of installing an app, and it runs smoothly on web browsers in Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems.

How WebAR Brings Value to Customer Buying Experience?

From attracting new customers to boosting sales, the potential of WebAR is immense. It will evolve even more in the coming years, especially with the full rollout of 5G. Studies show that more than 65% of shoppers use mobile phones to look up product information while shopping. If you can reach these shoppers with a QR code embedded with augmented reality to make them interact more with your products or services, you have a great way to educate, engage and retain your customer.

WebAR eliminates many hurdles in the conventional method of advertising and marketing. Brands in the digital age incorporate WebAR into their website. This allows the customer to make informed and better purchase decisions by enabling them to try products without leaving the house or even downloading an extra app. Your customers are satisfied, and you get a spike in your website traffic. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Benefits of using WebAR?

The benefits of adopting WebAR are rewarding, especially in the long term. Not only can you reach your customers and influence their purchase decisions, but your brand reputation also skyrocket, and you get to stay on par with the newest technologies.

With AR, most customers find it easy to make purchase decisions with minimal returns. This increases customer satisfaction, develops loyalty towards the brand, and boosts sales.

Final Thoughts

WebAR will soon become more mainstream. Now is the right time to adopt WebAR into advertising and marketing campaigns. It can help get your brand the attention it deserves. iBoson’s AR app creator platform, UniteAR, helps create custom AR experience for the web within a few clicks. Send us a mail to to get more information on how to use WebAR to impact your business.