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AR empower company to work smarter

How is AR Empowering Companies to Work Smarter?

April 1, 2021

Many tech industry analysts and researchers predict that augmented reality will reach a market worth of $198 billion and revolutionize businesses by the end of 2025. The major factor that has acted as a catalyst for many companies to digitally transform and adopt AR into their operations is the pandemic. With augmented reality technology growing day-by-day, the demand for augmented reality is rising as innovators are exploring its role in business relevance, customer engagement, and productivity.

AR is projected as an economic driver for the tech industry and seeing the tremendous use cases AR put forward in almost every industry vertical, AR is becoming a buzzword among many business owners and many are on the verge of adopting AR into their business operations. So, if you have already made up your mind or are struggling to decide whether or not to adopt AR, here are some examples of how AR is already helping companies to work smarter.


AR has redefined retail ever since the pandemic and now more and more retailers are further complimenting their retail strategies by adopting AR. Whether you are a traditional brick-and-mortar store or an online store, you can provide an AR experience to your customers at each stage of their purchase.

More than 30% of all products purchased online are now returned. Augmented reality can bring down the percentage to almost nil with virtual try-on experiences where customers can scale the products digitally to their homes and their bodies resulting in instant purchasing of the products and significant minimization of the return rates.

If you are running a physical store, by implementing AR experience, customers can get real-time information such as description, price, discount, product location right on their phones right when they step into the shop.

Industrial Field Services

After the adoption of AR into industrial field services, field engineers and technicians were able to easily access remote help from experts located anywhere in the world. Augmented reality enables experts to easily draw annotations, markings, and display messages and diagrams onto technician’s or engineer’s field of view through wearables to better guide them through the task.

The usage of AR has shown minimization of downtime, improved safety, and productivity of technicians or field engineers, and enable them to connect with experts around the globe anytime.

Design and Modeling

Augmented reality is widely used in the designing and modeling stage of many industries. using augmented reality, designers can visualize product mock-ups using their smartphones or tablets. This helps them to get a precise view of the finer details of the product. Rather than wasting time and costs for prototyping, you can also give your clients a clear view of how new products function with the help of AR.

From reducing the development life cycle to improving the quality of products designed, the perks of implementing AR into your design and modeling are numerous.

Training and Education

AR holds numerous possibilities in the training and education sectors of which only a portion is leveraged right now. Many companies are now providing AR based immersive and multisensory training for their workforce to quickly grasp the concepts and prepare them for high-risk environments.

Ever since the pandemic, many educational institutions use AR in online classrooms to make children better understand new concepts. One example of one such AR app is UniteAR which can be easily integrated into common video streaming platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. This not only makes learning an engaging and fun process but also makes learning simple.

Repair and Maintenance

AR technology has reimagined the repair and maintenance process. From empowering workers to perform self-service to enabling them to connect with experts for any doubts, AR is bliss for the workforce. An example of one such AR platform that is used by many automotive, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries is XRmeet, an AR powered remote assistance platform.

XRmeet is a powerful tool for remote collaboration and communication that makes work hassle-free for your workforce. XRmeet combines augmented reality and advanced computer vision to provide all necessary digital information right in front of the worker’s field of view when needed through wearables, smartphones, or tablets. Technicians and experts can draw AR annotations, text etc that stick over the 3D physical objects to quickly resolve the issue.

AR enabled repair and maintenance has shown improved productivity and efficiency, faster resolution of issues, and reduction of costs associated with traveling of experts and sudden unplanned downtimes.

If you haven’t yet started thinking about leveraging the potential of AR into your business, then this is the right time to do so. If so, don’t forget to send us a mail to or fill out our contact form for a free AR consultation or a demo of our AR products.

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