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Frequently asked questions on AR

Frequently Asked Questions on Augmented Reality

March 31, 2021

We all come across augmented reality applications frequently in our lives. But still, there are things related to AR which we don’t quite know about right? So, here we have curated a list of 10 questions on augmented reality that are asked to us frequently.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR as it is commonly known as is an altered version of reality where data or 3D images of objects are overlaid over the real world. In other words, AR is a combination of the real and digital worlds where a user can interact with the enhanced environment.

How is Augmented Reality (AR) different from Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality or VR provides a completely immersive experience shutting out the physical world using sensory devices like headsets whereas Augmented Reality creates a perfect blend of the real and digital worlds by overlaying digital components over the real world.

What are the Applications and some Examples of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality has vast applications which are not limited to the gaming and entertainment industry. From healthcare, education, retail to industrial manufacturing, AR has already shown the potential to resolve many business challenges. Medical training, augmented online classrooms, job training, design and prototyping, repair and maintenance, business logistics, immersive shopping, and giving tourists an augmented experience before they travel are some real-life applications of augmented reality.

Here are some popular examples of AR:

Retail – IKEA Place App

Gaming – Pokemon Go

Beauty – Sephora Virtual Artist

Healthcare – AccuVein

Should SMBs use Augmented Reality?

Yes, adopting augmented reality into the operations of small and medium businesses helps to accomplish numerous things. You can provide a great customer experience irrespective of the industry, build a brand reputation and efficiently run the operations.

What is the Future of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is emerging as one of the most advanced technology and is predicted to have an estimated global market worth of 340 billion usD by 2028. With new advancements and applications of AR introduced day by day, AR is sure to become a part of our lives in the future. To know more, read our blog published on Medium.

Does Augmented Reality help in Marketing?

The answer is YES! By incorporating AR into your marketing and sales strategies, you can stand out among your competition, engage with your potential customers more, give them a unique immersive experience, meet customer’s changing needs and expectations, build brand awareness and increase ROI.

Is Augmented Reality Expensive?

The answer depends on what exactly you need AR for. If you want to create an AR experience, you just need to download and install an app and you are good to go. If you want to develop a consumer AR experience, you can install UniteAR which is on the affordable side and you can create one without using a code. If you want to develop custom AR software for your remote support needs, you just need to download and install XRmeet which again is on the affordable side and you only need to start paying after an initial trial period. For more details of the pricing, send us a mail to

How Secure are Augmented Reality apps from iBoson?

iBoson is known for creating industry-specific AR-based SaaS solutions for businesses to meet their goals and challenges. We respect your privacy and always ensure to build AR apps that are 100% secure, scalable, and robust.

How does AR-based XRmeet Work?

XRmeet is an augmented reality based remote assistance and object detection software built and developed by iBoson. XRmeet with its remote support applications finds its usage mainly in the oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, telecom, and utilities sectors.

XRmeet AR remote assistance software is built and developed to meet the unique remote needs of businesses and enterprises. With XRmeet, the user can connect with an expert when critical issue arises through live video streaming and the expert can draw AR annotations on the screen of users to help and guide user through the repair process without errors. XRmeet also supports remote collaboration and allows multiple people to come together without any hassle.

With XRmeet’s AR-powered 3D object detection, you can provide your technicians with digital AR instructions when they point their camera to equipment or the QR code associated with the equipment is scanned. This is done by uploading contents and 3D models of desired objects so that technicians get real-time AR instructions and insights with no technical complexities.

Which Augmented Reality Company is best for my Business Needs?

Counted among the top augmented reality companies in India, iBoson Innovations provide businesses with unique and insightful AR solutions that aid in revenue growth, increased efficiency of operations, and productivity.

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