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Augmented reality in digital marketing

Adopting AR into your Digital Marketing Strategy

jun 10, 2021

Businesses are integrating Augmented Reality (AR) into their marketing strategies for creating more customer engagement, increasing return on investments (ROI), and providing a unique experience for customers.

Unless you were hibernating, you will know how much AR has grown in the past couple of years. To keep pace with the ever-changing customer needs and to outpace the competitors' many brands are now adopting AR to their marketing and sales efforts.

AR can transform a printed advertisement or a magazine cover into an immersive 3D experience. Did you know that because of the AR integrated shopping experience, more than 70% of the customers ended up buying products they did not need in the first place? So, let’s check out how to use AR for marketing.

How to use AR for Marketing

1. Product Launch

To launch a new product to a very competitive market and to create a buzz, you may need something more than the good old marketing ways. Most of the big brands like Apple and Samsung launch their phones by providing their users an AR experience. Be it virtual unboxing or an entire AR event for the launch, the brands are using augmented reality to create curiosity among their potential customers and turn them into loyal and satisfied customers.

2. Try before buy for customers

Every customer loves to try the product before they make a purchase. Be it cosmetics, clothes, cars, furniture, electronics, etc. Brands are now integrating AR into shopping experiences so that their customers can virtually try out the products and make purchase decisions.

3. Training

Apart from using AR just for marketing strategies, you can deploy AR into after-sales as well. For example, if you are an automotive company, you can provide AR based manual for the customer and replace the boring old manuals. This helps customers to connect with the brand uniquely.

4. Enhance event experience

Augmented Reality helps businesses bring an innovative component to physical products, locations, and services. This makes places, events, festivals more exciting. For example, imagine you are planning to travel to a new place and able to interact with the culture, places, history, and heritage with an AR app. Exciting, isn’t it?

Benefits of Adopting AR in Digital Marketing Strategies

Here are some benefits AR brings to businesses when integrated into their marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Stand out among your competitors
  3. Increase customer engagement
  4. Provide a unique customer experience

If you are thinking of creating an AR experience in your next marketing move, then we can help you out. Visit UniteAR or send us a mail to for a free AR consultation.