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AR in food industry

Augmented Reality (AR) in Food Industry

May 28, 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) brings in a lot of applications that make our lives easier day after day. With a vast number of companies in the food industry adopting AR for its operations, marketing, and many more areas with each passing day, there is no doubt Augmented Reality will be used in the food industry in full fledge soon.

Role of AR in the Food Industry

The food industry is one industry that showed a tremendous growth rate even during the unpredicted times. It’s simply because the demand never ends and the supply never stops.

According to The Business Research Company, the global food and beverages market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% and reach $8163.61 billion in 2025. With the rising demand, competition and to recover from the loss the pandemic brought, many companies in the food industry are thinking of integrating AR in all their services and operations.

These are some of the positive impacts augmented reality brings into the food sector. In the upcoming years, we can see a lot more applications than what is listed below.

Augmented Reality Menu for Restaurants

Deciding what to eat and how the dish may look and taste like is something we all are confused about when we check out the menu in a restaurant. A mere photo will not be sufficient for us to make a decision. To give customers an immersive experience, increase their curiosity, and help them make better food decisions, many restaurants have deployed Augmented Reality (AR).

With AR, you can scan a QR code associated with the menu and view 3D images of real dishes right in front of you. This will help you understand the texture of the products and their ingredients.

Improved Training of New Employees

Training new employees is a costly and time-consuming process be it any industry. Not learning the necessary skills, not understanding the right way to do it, and failure by employees to retain their skills can bring a lot of consequences.

The stakes in the food and beverage sector are as high as in any other labor-oriented industries. Error on assembly lines can result in faulty products, customer dissatisfaction, and worse.

Augmented reality provides a new kind of immersive training experience for employees to master their skills. With AR based training, companies saw more than 70% retention rate in employees even a year after the employees were trained.

Simplifies the Food Preparation Process

There is a lot of food that needs to be prepared in the right way which otherwise will be downright dangerous. Food poisoning, gastric problems are just a few to name. Augmented reality guides the chefs in the food preparation process ensuring they don’t skip a part, all these without taking much attention from their work.

Eliminate Errors in Food Processing

Augmented reality has proven its importance in manufacturing, maintenance, and repair tasks in various other industries. The same goes for food and beverage manufacturing and processing tasks. With AR wearables, the processing or inspection instructions to follow will be displayed right in front of the workers. This helps to reduce the instances of workers missing a critical step that might result in contamination.

AR for Food Packaging

People around the globe are now used to order everything online. This is not going to change and will only become more prominent in the future. So, what if you can make the packaging a bit more interesting? Yes, you can do it with augmented reality. You can add an extra layer of information, product history, or even interesting stories or games on the packaging. This creates brand awareness and engagement among your customers and is a good marketing technique as well.

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