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Augmented reality in travel and tourism

Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism Industry

may 17, 2021

Augmented reality has become a very popular technology in recent years. From Pokémon game, IKEA place app to Snapchat filters, Augmented Reality (AR) is pretty much a part of our lives today. AR has reshaped many industries in the past few years and is transforming the travel and tourism sector now, especially after the pandemic.

Tim Cook quotes –

“I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day.”

So, what is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the enhanced form of reality in which 3D objects are overlaid on the real world and the user can interact with both the real and the virtual worlds.

The Growth of Augmented Reality in the Travel Industry

Technology and AR in particular have the power to enrich customer experience and make lives easier. According to Statista, the number of mobile AR users is expected to reach us$ 2.4 billion by 2023.

Augmented reality has already started revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry. But what are some benefits that AR bring in and how does it shape travel and tourism? Let’s check out.

Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism

How do you usually go for a vacation? You will sort out the places to stay, places to visit, food to try out all ahead, right? So is your customer. People search for every bit of information they can gather before visiting a place. The truth is that the quench for information doesn’t stop even after reaching the destination. Furthermore, all this information is searched using smartphones.

So, what difference can Augmented Reality bring in here?

Augmented reality can enhance the search experience by providing the user with interactive and immersive information. With augmented reality based mobile apps, you can provide an augmented experience to the traveler and build up their trust.

Travel specialists estimate that AR can be leveraged to provide unique user experiences. As travel and tourism were wrecked in the pandemic, specialists say that AR can be a boon to the travel and tourism industry.

How is Augmented Reality Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry?

AR’s potential to reshape and enrich the travel industry is indisputable. In reality, not many leverages the potential of AR. But if you need to reach out to the people who are dominating the travel scene, the millennials, AR is the right solution.

Augmented Reality for Hospitality

Augmented reality travel apps allow hotels and other related businesses to enhance their rooms using AR and show it to travelers so that they get a clear idea about the place they are going to stay and its amenities.

Augmented Reality for Navigating in a New Place

None likes to be lost in a new place and waste their time sightseeing. Though the industry has not completely made use of AR, a few mobile apps have made the life of travelers easy. Apple Maps with its flyover feature enables users to take tours on cities in 3D view. From iOS 11 onwards, Apple redefined its app further and now gives users the control to manually navigate with the flyover feature.

Wikitude is another AR app that uses location-based augmented reality to help people locate shops, restaurants, and places to visit around them without any hassle.

Augmented Reality for Booking Flights

Booking an app can be a very challenging task but augmented reality based apps can come to the rescue! App in the Air is an AR-based travel planning app that gives people a quick peep into the flight and helps travelers book the right seat.

These are just a few ways in which augmented reality or AR is transforming the travel and tourism sector. To unfold the potential of AR for your business , contact the tech experts at iBoson Innovations today. They are a bunch of people who are happy to help