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Minimize downtime and costs with XRmeet AR remote assistance

How to Minimize Downtime and Costs with XRmeet Remote Assistance

February 19, 2021

Looking for ways to minimize downtime and costs of your business? Searching for the right AR remote assistance software to improve your business operations? If your answer is yes to the above two questions, you have come to the right place. Continue reading this blog to know how XRmeet, our AR remote assistance, and object detection platform can help minimize downtime and costs with its AR remote assistance software.

Downtime is a period when a company or business is not in operation. It is a loss of revenue to the company no matter what. The worst-case scenario is when a business meets unexpected disruption. This takes more time and cost to fix and to bring back the operations to normal.

According to various studies and researches, one minute of unplanned downtime can cost $22000 in the automotive industry and an estimate of $50 billion annually for industrial manufacturers. AR has a huge potential of minimizing unnecessary downtime and the costs associated with these. With that in mind, let’s find out more about XRmeet.

What is XRmeet?

XRmeet is an AR-enabled remote assistance and object detection platform from iBoson Innovations which is customized to minimize any operational disruption in the event of an unplanned situation. With augmented reality being adopted in almost all industrial sectors to improve business operations, XRmeet has become an ideal choice of remote support software across various industrial verticals.

How XRmeet helps in Remote Support and Self Service?

When equipment or any complex machinery suddenly malfunctions, there will be immense pressure on the field technician to fix it as soon as possible. Your technician may not be able to wait until an expert arrives for every glitch that occurs. This is exactly where XRmeet can help you out.

With XRmeet, technicians can fix the issue on their own with the work instructions for self-service embedded in it. With the object detection technique, he/she can see the detailed information overlaid on the screen of their smartphones, tabs, or wearables by simply hovering the camera over the equipment.

If the technician finds it difficult to fix it on their own despite the instructions, he/she can connect with an expert through remote assistance and troubleshoot issues without the barrier of location. Therefore remote support and self-service from XRmeet aids in the elimination of travel costs associated with field visits of experts, on-site repair costs and helps to minimize downtime.

You can adopt XRmeet to your operations no matter where in the digitization continuum you are in. It can empower your business and meet its fast-paced demands. Contact us right now for a free AR consultation. We are always happy to help.

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