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How is AR taking over the education sector

How Augmented Reality is taking over the Education Sector

March 9, 2021

Our lives have changed drastically over the pandemic. We started focusing more on our health, hygiene and moreover innovative technologies started to become a part of our lives. Working from home (WFH) and online learning became the new normal. Some notable changes have come over the education sector as well during the pandemic especially when some institutions took a major step to incorporate augmented reality into their education system.

There has been a rising demand for AR in the education sector especially in the last couple of months. The global market for AR in the education sector is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of over 75% during the period 2020-2027. With schools and colleges adopting AR, it opens up a new door for students to learn the curriculum more efficiently and for teachers to easily capture student’s attention and innovatively teach them. Following are some examples of how augmented reality or AR is taking over the education sector and empowering the youth of today.

Easy Accessibility of Information

AR technology has helped educational institutions to easily share information as well as to conduct remote orientation sessions for students. With AR, students can get a clear picture of the campus, culture, infrastructure, and other facilities offered even before applying for admission.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

There’s no question that AR opens up an innovative way of teaching. using augmented reality, students can experience things on textbooks laying right in front of them in real life, paving the path to visually understand and learn advanced topics more efficiently.

Interactive Learning

With online classes becoming a part and parcel of our education system, what was considered the future of education has now become a routine in our children’s lives. With AR you can overlay the objects on the textbook in the real-world which makes learning fun and effortless. So, instead of listening to boring lectures and reading study materials, an AR-enabled education system makes it easier for them to understand topics and remember topics, ultimately improving the learning experience.

Safer Learning for Difficult Concepts

As augmented reality offers an option for interactive learning, it benefits students in understanding complex topics. Do you remember when we learned in school some difficult concepts in chemistry and other subjects for which practical lessons were not possible to conduct? Well, now with AR, it is possible to explore all concepts without the risk of hazardous consequences.

Enhanced Story Telling

One question. What do you think your child will remember? An image on his/her textbook or a 3D visual of the same image right in front of them? The latter one right? This is a clear example of how AR can enhance the way of storytelling. Replacing the conventional methods of education with AR-enabled education is now more than necessary and makes learning fun.

Digitization is inevitable. The education sector needs to adapt and evolve to the changes even more by adopting innovative technologies and yes, it is time to switch to a complete technology-driven education system for the brilliant future of our children. To get the most out of the AR experience, contact us for a free AR consultation.

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