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How AR is going to change the future

How Augmented Reality going to change the world!

October 26, 2018

Almost every one of us have come across the word AR or Augmented Reality and probably have wondered what it is and how it is going to change the future. After all, when Motorola first introduced their mobile device, this is what that might have flashed through everyone’s mind. So let’s take a simple look at what AR is and what areas it will severely influence.

What is Augmented Reality?

By definition, AR is the process by which digital information is integrated into the user’s real time testing advanced computer vision technology. Augmented Reality may is an exciting as the VR roller coaster ride, but it is a disruptive technology that is going to make us look at the world in a different way, by enter into a new dimension. In distinction to complex things like surgical procedures to simple minded things like social media filters, AR technology is taking over the world like a gentle wind. AR is rapidly changing the way we experiencing media, by reform the way we hear, feel and see things and hence it is growing in popularity.

Areas disrupted by AR

As mentioned earlier AR could be used in the most complex to the simplest of things. It can highlight certain features and help to provide timely or accessible data, which helps to enhancing the knowledge level about the concerned topic. Multi-national companies have already started implementing AR into their business platforms. Educational institutions are also adopting this technology as it gives better perspective to students regarding complex topics like frameworks whose conduct is inherently hard to display because of the conditions, connections, or associations between their parts or between a given framework and its condition. There are different fields like driving will also be severely disrupted by this technology, as massive companies like Google are creating real-time navigation using AR.

As screens are getting thinner day by day, our display technology is delving into a space where our current understanding is transcended into wearable. Tomorrows display market could be ruled by Augmented Reality wearables, as they combine both a full-fledged and mobile display specs.

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