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Augmented reality apps in 2021

Best Augmented Reality apps you can try out in 2018

October 26, 2018

Reality can be boring, scaring and sometimes not enough. That’s why almost everyone wants to escape the constraints of reality — at least once in a while. Thankfully, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have made that possible. AR lets you put another layer over actual reality while VR transports you into a new dimension of reality itself.

However, if you ask us, this is the best thing about Augmented Reality is that you don’t need any additional hardware, but just your Smartphone. But, you always need the best Augmented Reality apps too. Now, AR apps are available for both Android and iOS. And, we have found you some of the best ones for your various needs — business, entertainment and more.

#1 Just A Line

It does not matter whether you are in your bedroom or a public space, Just A Line brings AR to your life. You can open your camera and draw things real-time. Once you are done, you can capture a video and share that almost everywhere. Just A Line works using Google ARCore and is available for Android devices. It does not do anything other than letting you draw, though. But, it’s kind of fun. If you are in your bedroom, you actually can do a 360-Degree video with overlaying labels. If you are completely new to AR, you should try this.

#2 UniteAR

UniteAR wants to bring all the possibilities of Augmented Reality into business — be it Fashion, Architecture, e-Commerce, Education or Reading. As a service, it lets businesses use AR to reach audience effectively. For instance, when a consumer scans an image using the UniteAR app, they can see an interactive 3D model of a building. Or, when they scan a simple icon, the users will see the Promotion video of a product. UniteAR is currently available for Android, but the iOS version will soon be available.

#3 WWF Free Rivers

WWF Free Rivers comes from the World Wildlife Foundation and is available for both iPhone and iPad. You turn any place into an interactive representation of rivers and how they impact human life. It’s interactive too, in the sense that you can take actions like stopping the flow or setting up a dam. users can also keep an eye on sub-plots and personal stories along the way. This is one of the best Augmented Reality apps in the education sector, since it convinces students using the cool storytelling methods.

#4 Layar

Layar is another Augmented Reality app you can count on when you need to connect AR to business. You’ve complete control in creating the Augmented Reality experience and deploying it via different methods. For instance, if you are in the education sector, you can create a textbook that shows a 3D diagram when being scanned. As the business owner, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to prepare the content to be shown. It comes with a fully-fledged SDK and the apps are available for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

#5 Inkhunter

Inkhunter, an AR app available for both Android and iOS, allows you to try tattoos before getting them. You can choose a tattoo and see how it would like on your skin. Since the app has been well-optimized, you can have a realistic representation as well. This is just one of the examples how Augmented Reality can make a life easier and convenient. So, the

#6 Augment

Augment is another platform you can use for creating an Augmented World for your business. It has a lot of solutions for B2B, Marketing and Commerce needs. All of these can be set up using the complete toolkit that Augment offers. The company has helped a lot of customers set up AR-friendly environment in sectors such as Architecture, Display & Packaging, Education and Manufacturing. It has its apps available for Android and iOS. So, the consumers will always have the best experience.

#7 TapMeasure

TapMeasure is one of the popular utility apps that make use of Augmented Reality. In case you did not guess yet, it lets you measure things such as distance, angles, height etc. It even has an awesome feature named 3D Room Builder, where you can create 3D models easily. You can also use the app to make sure that things are on level. Easy sharing and Quick Outlining are some of the cool features of TapMeasure for iOS. If you’d like to see how AR makes life easier, you should check this out.

These are some of the best Augmented Reality apps you can try out in 2018. Some of them are fully-fledged platforms that can be used for business. At the same time, apps like Inkhunter and TapMeasure will help you make life simpler. On the other hand, we’d recommend WWF Free Rivers if you need something educational to get started with.

next time you get a tattoo, you won’t have to regret about it after getting it. It also lets you try the tattoo without AR mode.

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