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Augmented reality’s importance in education

Augmented Reality!! Why education will be insignificant

October 26, 2018

If you recall our first blog there is a sentence that goes along something like this: Education is going to be deemed invalid in a couple of centuries. This blog is going to explore that comment and will try to underline what that statements means. Humans could be considered as one of the only known species to acquire knowledge that covers a wide range of spectrum, this is because of curiosity and lead to the creation of communication. Communication is the primordial means of learning. When the communicative means expanded, from mere writing and speaking to electronic means a whole new world opened up in front of our eye. The 8 dimensions inside our protein based hard drive (or brain) began to burn its mid night oil and gave most of us insomnia. The rate and amount at which our brains began to consume information became dramatically high over the past decade. For the first couple of decades after the invention of internet (not sure about the time line though!), information exchange was slow, but growing every day. Then mobile devices were born. Coupled with Social Media and human hive mind was formed, which is the internet that we see and use now (Well, most of us 25% of it, it’s a whole different subject for another blog). The craving for information only increased after this and as if now, homo-sapiens are trying to pursue “instant information” availability. AR is one of the methods by which we can achieve this.

using AR we are creating a digital reality over ours, in such a way that it could be viewed or accessed via our electronic devices. For example, if you are interested in Geology and would like to know the contents of it, all you have to do is point at it and access information from the AR cloud, using computer vision and data processing. When this goes wide spread the need to remember will be insignificant. When wearables become wide spread, and things like hololens go contact lens size, there will be a time when humans won’t be “humans” anymore.

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