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Top AR companies in India

Augmented Reality Companies in India that lead the race in 2018

October 12, 2018

Back in 2016, experts have revealed that 2018 will be the year that firms and brands will move on to augmented reality and by 2021 80% of all brands will have some sort of augmented reality to their name. Talking about the present scenario we can say that this prediction holds true. Another fact that we need to be aware is that those brands and companies that have adopted augmented reality are miles ahead of their competition. Augmented Reality companies in India are not far behind in this aspect either. Today let us check the top augmented companies from India that have risen up in the first half of 2018.


Founded in 2007, Xenium has rich experience of more than 10 years and have been providing brand management services to world class clientele including: Intel , Yahoo, Tata, Mercedes among many others. They focus on a multitude of diverse areas including but not limited to web based banner apps, mobile platforms etc. Their social media integration campaigns are also top notch.


Adstuck is the first Indian company selected for the Katapult accelerator program. Adstuck came into the limelight following the launch of their third party SDKs and apps to reach out to users directly and connect with them. They provide innovative solutions for tackling internet adaptation through AI vision and machine learning process.

Pixel Crayons:

Pixel Crayons are an innovative software and app development firm that target small businesses, agencies, and startups all across the globe. The ideal choices for business looking to outsource Augmented reality work to India. In addition they also provide 100% money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied.

iBoson Innovations:

iBoson stands for Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Organized Neoteric. It is an emerging Information Technology Solution Companies in Kerala and is the very first company which has won the smart India Hackathon Phase-1 on multiple occasions. I-Boson has also been listed among the 100 futuristic startups around the world as per Irish Magazines for their present held at Dublin Tech summit . Their feather in cap augmented reality product – UniteAR is already creating ripples of change in the advertising and retail world down in the Southern end of the subcontinent.

Blink Solution:

Blink was founded in 2009 and is a firm that makes use of creative technology solutions to enable brands to engage effectively on digital media with their target audience. Beyond their specialty of augmented reality they also engage themselves with web development, content creation, consumer insights and analytics.

Value Coders:

Founded in 2004, ValueCoders are an Indian software development company focused purely on offshore software development services. They also provide various I.T services with a customer satisfaction rating of 96%. Their clientele ranges from Enterprises, Products Companies to Digital Agencies and SMEs to Governments.

RedRock DigiMark:

RedRock DigiMark are part of the RedRock Group. The RedRock DigiMark focuses on Search engine Optimization and a premier digital marketing agency which provides innovative, out-of-the-box SEO services, SMO packages, ORM and PPC analysis. They have now shifted their focus to mobile development service and Augmented Reality game development.

In a relative short period of time one can expect the augmented reality companies in India and the augmented reality startups in India to make a big name for themselves, after all every industry and every sector will soon turn to augmented reality not just for a means to attract more clients and customers but also because augmented reality provides a more effective and efficient means of getting the job done. Similar to the I.T boom in the 2000 we can all expect an AR boom 20 years from then.

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