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Enterprise remote collaboration platforms for business

Enterprise Remote Collaboration Platforms for Businesses

September 23, 2021

With the unexpected swoop in of the pandemic, many businesses struggled initially with the limitations the COVID-19 threw at them. But after the initial struggles, most companies learned to deal with it and integrated innovative technologies into their existing systems to deal with the pandemic and to further adapt to the new norms of remote work and operations.

The truth is, the current market has forced businesses to continue using innovative technologies. Augmented reality and AR-based remote collaboration play a huge role in business growth and continuity and enable the workforce to work in a shared virtual space with their co-workers even when they are physically apart.

The major problem that most businesses face is finding the right tools or solutions that suit their business operations and drive growth in the long run. So, here we have made a list of remote collaboration platforms adopted by many businesses.


XRmeet is an emerging augmented reality solution that is a real game-changer for businesses and enterprises looking for a remote assistance solutionwith augmented reality/AR integrated into it. This is one of a kind remote assistance solution that combines AR with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and is most suitable for industrial companies. It aids in filling the skills gap in the workforce by empowering them to perform self-service with reduced error occurrence. It also helps to provide quick real-time knowledge transfer between service experts and the workforce.

XRmeet allows workers to share their physical space with experts through an encrypted live video stream. Both the expert and worker can communicate through audio and texts and can even draw AR annotations on each other’s video screen. In addition to this, XRmeet is an excellent AR remote collaboration tool that supports multiple users on a single meet. It has chat, freeze mode, screenshot, AR markers and annotations, and session details features that businesses can utilize for remote collaboration. Businesses that adopted XRmeet say that it has reduced their downtime, improved efficiency, and saved them a lot of time.


Augmentir is another remote assistance solution that also focuses on industrial use cases. It also supports remote collaboration in addition to providing AR-based remote assistance to manufacturing and service companies.

Glar Assist

Glar Assist is an ideal solution for companies looking for scalable AR-based visual remote assistance software. It is enterprise-level support software that allows 3+ users to collaborate through video and audio remotely.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is another augmented reality platform for remote training and collaboration of frontline workers. It offers AR-powered step-by-step guidance from expert technicians to technicians anytime from anywhere in the world. Its remote collaboration feature brings significant improvement in workers' productivity and saves a lot of time for businesses.

Apart from the above, there are a lot of remote collaboration platforms that are AR-enabled. If you wish to try out our AR remote collaboration platform, we will be happy to offer you a FREE TRIAL for 14 days. Request a demo here or feel free to contact us anytime at