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What is AR commerce and how it transform the ecommerce industry

What is AR Commerce and how it Transforms the e-Commerce

January 28, 2021

Getting the products out in the market and selling it to your customers has now become an uphill task especially due to the pandemic. Many businesses are looking for new ways to enhance customer engagement and have found that Augmented Reality (AR) opens new dimensions to drive sales and customers. Surely, AR will redefine all industries but the one that it has already started to reshape is e-commerce.

Technologies are evolving rapidly and so is the eCommerce space. By implementing interactive content you can grab a steady position in the eCommerce space and for that, you need to move from 2D to augmented reality. AR finds a major role in Advertising and is not limited to Enterprise Remote Assistance but also extends to AR Commerce. With AR Commerce, you can solve many of the current limitations by overlaying graphics and demonstrating products to customers as in physical stores. With augmented reality, some big stores like Walmart and IKEA have started letting consumers activate product details by pointing their phones at those items using object recognition and computer vision technology.

What is AR Commerce?

So, what is AR Commerce? AR Commerce involves implementing augmented reality to view products in real life by using highly accurate 3D models of products. The opportunities that AR Commerce offer is innumerable. From improving the buying journey of the customer to increased conversions, AR sorts it all. Here are some of the benefits of implementing or getting started with AR Commerce for your brands.

Increased Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Letting customers point their phones to an item in the real world and getting back informational overlays along with call to actions can develop more interest and engagement among customers as well as earn their trust.

Influence Customer Decisions

Rather than just swiping products on the phone screen, with AR you can let customers place the product in their surroundings to see if it fits right or virtually try out clothes, makeup, sunglasses, and the list is endless. This makes the customer take better and informed decisions with confidence. It also provides an opportunity for the customers to explore products just like visiting a retail store but at the comfort of their homes.

Increased Conversion

Augmented Reality can influence the purchase decision of the customer. By experiencing the product virtually in the real world, customers can know the fit, shape, and size of the products and can make informed decisions from it thereby accelerating sales and conversions.

Why should businesses invest in AR Commerce?

Though AR has become a buzz in the e-commerce industry, many companies have not yet adopted these technologies. AR is used by millions of people and according to Statista, the augmented reality and virtual reality market are expected to reach $192.7 billion by 2022.

Offering an Augmented Reality enabled experience before anyone else in the market does help your business stand out in the crowd. It as well as provide your customers a unique shopping experience hence leading to brand loyalty. Apart from these here are some of the reasons why every business should invest in AR Commerce.

  • AR can quickly adapt to any changes in the industry and can therefore stand relevant to customer needs.
  • Reduction in return rates. AR allows the customer to see and feel how the product is and therefore it is more likely that there are lower returns hence saving operational costs
  • Providing users a more memorable and cohesive shopping experience.

Therefore for businesses have much to gain by investing in AR as it opens a new door to attract and engage with customers and to gain customer trust and sales. And for customers, AR provides them a new enhanced level of shopping experience and allows them to make better and informed shopping decisions.

Therefore, leverage the power of Augmented Reality to offer an unmatched experience to the customers and to outpace the competitors.