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Augmented reality to reach customers

What are Some Innovative Ways to Reach Customers?

October 25, 2021

With rising competition every day, it's time for businesses to rethink and find innovative ways to reach or present their products to the customers. There is a need to up your plan to interact with customers and potential customers efficiently.

Though everything is back to normal after the pandemic, businesses have still not overcome the losses. With most customers hesitant to visit stores to remain safe, most businesses now challenge reaching their customers. An apt solution can be to bring your physical store virtually to your customers. And Augmented Reality (AR) is an efficient way to do so.

At iBoson, we help businesses to reach their customers with innovative AR solutions. If you are a business struggling to reach customers, keep reading.

Augment Brand Materials and Create Brand Awareness

With augmented reality, there are multiple ways to achieve brand awareness. One way is to build an AR application and introduce it to the customers. This is an innovative way to make your customers remain loyal to the brand. As AR applications are easily accessible on smartphones, they can easily engage in the augmented experience you provide them. And if they find your product amazing, your customer will indeed talk about it.

Another way is to integrate AR experience into your product packings as well as advertising. By scanning the package or the image in the advertisement in newspapers, magazines, or even on your website, you can reach customers with engaging content. This makes your customer interested in your product as well as the brand.

Another effective way is to augment your brand materials. Be it the brochures, business cards, or any printed materials. You can add virtual components to these and amaze your customers with offers or create hype about a product.

Provides Access to Information Anytime

Customers often struggle to find relevant information for a product. And without proper details and valued opinions, they might not purchase a product. And as a business owner, what can you do to resolve this issue? You can introduce AR into your products. You can either ask them to scan a QR code related to the product or even develop your own AR application. The customer can open their camera and point at any product. Any information that you want to show your customer will be displayed right in front of them. This helps your customer to make informed decisions.

Help Customers Find the Right Product

Imagine your customer wants to purchase your product but doesn’t want to come to your physical store. What can you do to ensure your customer gets the same or an elevated shopping experience right in the comfort of their homes? The most effective way is to introduce them to the try and buy option. With AR, the customer can virtually try on cosmetics, clothing, or even home décor. This helps them to try on how much ever they want and then make an informed purchase decision.

Augmented Assistance

Imagine a scenario. A customer bought a product from you but is now facing problems operating it. To get the support, they might need to call the customer executive and wait for hours to get the call connected and another couple of hours to resolve the issue. If your customer faces such a problem post-purchase, do you think they will recommend your product to anyone? No, right? But now you can come with a better solution and support your customer remotely. Augmented reality makes this possible.

You can either build your own assistance app or use an AR remote assistance app to resolve problems in real-time. The customer can connect with an expert whenever they face an issue and take their guidance to fix it within a few minutes. This satisfies your customer and saves your business from a bad name.


To sum up, augmented reality is the best technology to innovatively reach your customers and provide them with a memorable shopping experience. By delivering customer satisfaction, AR can help your business to soar high. If you are searching for an AR platform to build an AR experience or AR app without any code, contact and contact if you are looking to provide AR-based remote support to your customers.