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Why we switched domain name

We are Changing our Domain Name and Here’s Why

August 5, 2021

We are excited to let you know that we’ve been working on something fascinating for some time. We are changing our domain name to, and we are thrilled to tell you why.

Short & Memorable

We considered moving to this domain name because we found most of our customers and visitors have trouble remembering our website name. So, we thought we could do something to make things easy for you and change our domain name to the current one, which is short, clear, and memorable. After all, customers are our top priority.

More Focus

We are planning to keep your focus clearly on technology and innovation significantly, augmented reality. So, we think changing our website from .com to .io will help us in that journey.

Right now, we are planning to change the domain name only. But we have so many exciting plans and cool ideas to leverage augmented reality to more areas that will help businesses meet their goals and challenges. You might have already heard about our AR based remote assistance platform, which lets you provide remote support to your workforce, and our AR app creator platform, which lets you create AR apps without any code.

In the future, you can expect a lot more innovative tech ideas coming from iBoson Innovations that will make your life easier and helps you run your businesses smoothly.

Keep visiting us, and feel free to contact us anytime. You can send us a message to or fill the contact form. We are a bunch of people who are always happy to help.