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Snapchat bets on augmented reality future in ecommerce

Snapchat Bets Big on Augmented Reality’s Future in Experiential E-commerce

Aug 12, 2021

We all know that Augmented Reality (AR) matured during the pandemic. It has grown into a technology that entertains and entices its users. And seeing the current adoption of AR among its users, Snapchat is setting to blend e-commerce with its already established AR capabilities.

Snapchat partners with brands to provide its users a virtual try-on experience. One example of this is Estee Lauder launching a try-on AR foundation on Snapchat. This is a huge reveal and eye-opening for marketers to realize that AR is more than just a gimmick and its significance to the e-commerce sector.

Snapchat has more than 500 million users worldwide, and Augmented reality is already a huge part of their users, starting from the AR filters. But AR has also proven that it is a vital technology that has a future in experiential retail. According to the report, more than 60% of consumers who experienced AR content said that it urged them to purchase.

With billions of mobile phones and tabs now in use, around 40% of people take mobile phones while shopping to check online the product details, offers, and more. And this number jumps to 63% in the case of millennials. With this number growing with each passing year, brands say that it is easy to reach their users with AR and have seen positive engagement and growth rates. Snapchat also says that most people nowadays use social platforms like theirs, Facebook, and Instagram to find out new products than searching online!

The try before you buy digital feature allows customers to view products from an AR perspective and has proven to be the main selling point of AR in the retail sector. This full 3D visualization excites consumers and retailers as AR drastically improves conversion rates, reduces return rates, and saves tons of money. Also, it helps brands focus more on the younger generation as they are the ones that get adapted to new tech real fast. With the integration of shopping and AR, Snapchat is already securing the consumer and is influencing their purchase decisions.

As all these giants are investing in AR, you now know that there is no future without AR. So, if you are looking for creating a unique AR experience for your brand, we can help you out! Contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you.