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Augmented reality companies to keep watch

Four Innovative Augmented Reality Companies to Keep Watch

October 8, 2021

Over the past few years, especially since the pandemic, Augmented Reality (AR) has taken a stride towards the mainstream and is disrupting businesses in multiple industry verticals and in many roles, including remote work, training, and optimizing operations. This immersive technology has been able to hone the skills and improve the performance of the workforce without compromising safety.

A lot of Fortune 500 companies are now experimenting and adopting augmented reality. From designing and developing their own AR products to adopting innovative AR products of tech companies, these companies ensure they are ahead of their competitors in every aspect.

List of Augmented Reality Companies to Keep Watch

Here is a list of four innovative companies that specializes in augmented reality and have made compelling AR products over the years.

1. Apple

Apple has shown clear enthusiasm for augmented reality over the past few years. In 2017 Apple released ARKit as part of iOS 11, and it has then released new versions since then. ARKit is a development platform that operates on iOS devices that enables developers to build all kinds of AR experiences for apps and games with the help of the device’s camera, processors, and motion sensors.

2. iBoson Innovations

iBoson Innovations is an augmented reality company that aims to democratize AR through its AR app and experience creator platform; UniteAR and AR based remote assistance solution; XRmeet. To top it, these platforms work on their own proprietary AR engine. This makes their product easily customizable, budget-friendly, and user friendly. These products have gained many accolades and is being adopted by many enterprises and business across the globe. The founders of iBoson say that they started to specialize in AR, computer vision, and machine learning to make technology accessible to everyone and help businesses navigate their journey towards digital transformation.

3. Zappar

Zappar is a leading AR platform and creative studio that help businesses to incorporate AR into their strategies by providing them the tools to create by leveraging the power of AR across print, packaging, POS, people, and places.

4. Techsee

Techsee is another innovative AR company that has developed an augmented reality platform to provide real-time guidance in remote assistance and self-service. With a track record of assisting businesses worldwide, they try to simplify the way people deal with technology and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to resolve any issue.

If you are looking to integrate an AR solution into your business or enterprise, it is better to choose a company that specializes and has a long-term experience in the field. What are you waiting for? Send us a mail to today and get a free AR consultation!