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Augmented reality in robotics

Augmented Reality for Robotics: How AR Enhance Robotics

September 9, 2021

Robotics involves the science, engineering, design, and manufacturing of programmable machines (robots). These programmable machines or robots, as we commonly call them, are built to assist humans or perform things that humans usually do. Its applications are mainly found in industries or factories where there are simple yet repetitive or rules-based tasks or environments that are too risky for humans to work.

What is the Role of Augmented Reality in Robotics?

By integrating Augmented Reality (AR) into robotics, you can enhance the productivity and safety of the workforce in risk environments. We all know that AR enhances the real world by overlaying 3D computer-generated content and information, and the same can be made useful in robotics. Augmented reality brings better visualization to robotic solutions even before they are created. Let’s check it out in detail.

With AR, you can overlay solutions to the real environment and visualize how it works before building prototypes. This helps save time and cut costs. When combined with machine learning and deep learning algorithms, AR can enhance and improve visual perception and improve human-robot interaction. This enhanced visual perception is beneficial when the workforce needs to be trained with skills required for better human-robot collaboration and interaction.

Is Augmented Reality the Future of Robotics?

As said above, augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence helps overcome the inter-operability issues between robots and humans. The smooth human-robot collaboration improves productivity and drives revenue through innovation. Adopting AR into robotics also saves the time and money required to design and build complex robotic systems. AR reduces the need for re-designing these robotic systems to almost nil. AR has immense potential to improve robotics and is sure to be integrated more in the future of robotics. So, let’s be patient and see how this turns out.