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AR solutions to solve business challenges

Solve Business Challenges with Augmented Reality

Aug 25, 2021

To harness the true potential of augmented reality technology, you need to choose the best use case of AR and understand how it can help solve a problem that you are now facing in your business. For that, we recommend you check the challenges you are facing in your business right now. That way, you can find the appropriate use case for it and improve efficiency and productivity.

We will list here some common challenges that businesses usually face nowadays. If you think there is more that we can add to this list, you can let us know in the comments.

Learning Innovative Technologies

Adopting innovative and leading technologies to businesses will help you in two ways. One, you will be able to stay on par with the latest technologies. Second, you can reach your customers with a more personalized and engaging experience with innovative technologies like augmented reality. Looking at it in both ways, it is a win-win situation for businesses.

Outpacing Competition

Integrating AR into business is a unique way to strive in the competitive market. You can adopt it into the current marketing strategies of your business to make it more engaging, catch the attention of your customer, and boost conversion rates.

Providing 24*7 Support

How can you provide 24*7 support to your customers and your workforce without any hindrance? The answer to that question lies in augmented reality. With AR, you can provide AR based remote support at any time and from anywhere. AR enhances service revenue and play an essential part in improving the performance of the workforce. More importantly, AR empowers customers and the workforce to find solutions to their problems quickly and efficiently.

Increasing Productivity of Workforce

By incorporating AR, companies saw a 50% reduction in downtime, a 45% reduction in time resolution, and improved first-time fix rates. A study also shows that the workforce trained with engaging AR could retain their skills for a more extended period. The AR-enabled work environment enables the workforce to solve complex issues with minimal error with the real-time two-way HD video stream and AR annotations.

Our Augmented Reality Solutions

Currently, iBoson is providing two major AR solutions, XRmeet and UniteAR, for businesses. XRmeet finds its benefits mainly in the industrial sector to provide real-time remote assistance and AR-enabled work instructions for the workforce. XRmeet has its use cases mainly in the manufacturing, telecom, automotive, utilities, telemedicine, and oil and gas sectors.

The latter is an augmented reality creator platform that enables users to create AR experiences, webAR plugins, and custom white labeled AR apps without any code! UniteAR has its use cases mainly for the education, marketing, art and museums, and printing and publishing

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The challenges mentioned above are just the tip of what AR can resolve. This technology will for sure transform our lives for good. If you are planning to adopt AR into your business today, contact us at Our tech geniuses will contact you within 24 hours.